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1、 Multi purpose for one vehicle
An automatic loading and mixing truck can support three mechanical trucks, integrating loading, mixing, transportation, and designated unloading, perfectly replacing some of the functions of loaders, mixers, transportation vehicles, and pump trucks. After more than 20 years of research, development and production experience in construction machinery by Huaya Heavy Industries, as well as practical applications by customers across the country, it has been proven that automatic loading and mixing trucks are inherently designed to produce concrete and solve surrounding problems, and truly have multiple uses for one machine.
2、 High efficiency
 Industries self loading mixer truck, with an average of 16 revolutions per minute and an average of one can of material every 12 minutes. Automatic loading large capacity hopper, fast loading. Two hydraulic discharge ports discharge materials quickly, saving discharge and discharge time. Based on a normal operation of 10 hours a day, the daily concrete output can reach 300 tons, which is several times more efficient than using a mixer alone.
3、 Labor saving
Currently, the labor cost in the construction industry is becoming increasingly high, and the automatic loading mixer truck can save the labor cost most. Previously, 7 or 8 workers were required to produce concrete together. Even in the form of a mixer, 5 or 6 workers were required to load, water, transport, and unload the concrete separately. However, the automatic loading mixer truck only requires 2 workers to operate, with one person responsible for the operation and one person responsible for auxiliary placement. Based on a daily salary of 150 yuan, it can save at least 600 yuan in labor expenses per day, and can reach 18000 yuan per month.
4、 Uphill and downhill
Large tank trucks are difficult to climb due to their own weight and structure, and accidents can easily occur if they are not careful. However, it is quite simple for automatic loading and mixing trucks. Scientific design, articulated vehicle body, four wheel drive, full power within 30 degrees of climbing. If the construction site is located in a low-lying area, either it is paired with the pipeline to transport concrete down, or it is "personally" to discharge the material at a designated location. Plateau is also appropriate for automatic loading mixers. It is possible to customize plateau engines that meet the local environment for users. How can automatic loading mixers perform well on plains? How can they perform well on highlands.
5、 Specializing in various rugged paths
The road up the mountain has many curved slopes, and the road into the village is often narrow and unbearable. In recent years, with the rapid development of new rural areas, infrastructure projects have been in full swing, such as road construction and hardening, renovation of old houses, and construction of new houses, all of which symbolize the improvement of villagers' living standards. However, many rural roads are not only potholed, but also extremely narrow, and large concrete transportation vehicles cannot enter. The flexible turning radius of the frame of the self loading mixer truck can be easily handled.
In general, the self loading mixer truck is highly efficient, cost-effective, fully functional, and safe, and plays a crucial role in small and medium-sized projects. Therefore, it is very popular. I believe that no one can refuse such a mixer truck with full advantages.
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