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What are the main reasons for oil leakage of concrete mixer?
1. Poor quality, material or process of products (accessories); There are problems in structural design.
Improper assembly speed, unclean mating surface, damaged gasket, displacement or failure to install according to the operating procedures.
Uneven tightening force of fastening nut, broken thread of sliding wire or loose falling off, resulting in work failure.
After long-term use, the sealing material is worn out, aged, deteriorated, deformed and invalid.
The lubricating oil is added too much, the oil level is too high or the wrong oil is added.
The joint surface of tank car parts (side cover thin-walled parts) is flexed and deformed, and the shell is damaged, causing lubricating oil to seep out.
After the one-way valve of the tank car vent plug is blocked, oil leakage at the weak seal will often be caused due to the effect of the air pressure difference inside and outside the tank shell.
The maintenance of the valve body of the small automatic cement mixer is also important in the whole project operation. Only by doing the basic maintenance well can our work be carried out normally. Soak a piece #600 of sandpaper in ATF oil for about 30 minutes. Carefully tap the valve body to make the stuck valve stem fall from the valve cavity hole. A small screwdriver may be used to pry it out.
When using a screwdriver, be careful not to scratch the valve hole. Check whether the one-way valve stem has friction marks. Use the #600 sandpaper soaked in ATF oil to polish the burrs on the valve stem, then clean the valve stem in solvent and blow dry with compressed air. Roll up half a piece of #600 sandpaper soaked in ATF oil and clamp it in the valve hole of the valve stem. Gently twist the sandpaper to make it loose and tightly fit on the surface of the valve hole, and then twist the sandpaper while pushing and pulling to polish the valve hole. Draw out #600 sandpaper. Clean the whole valve body in solvent and blow dry with compressed air. Coat the surface of the valve stem with ATF oil and drop it into the valve bore. The valve stem shall fall into the bottom of the valve hole by its own weight. Otherwise, repeat step 4 and retest. If the valve stem is still stuck, replace the valve body. Take out the valve rod of small automatic concrete mixer, and clean the valve rod and valve body with solvent. Blow dry with compressed air, then reassemble with ATF oil as lubricant.
After knowing the above maintenance knowledge, you can rest assured to repair our equipment. When you choose to say these products, some people will answer for you. It is suggested to clean the concrete storage tank and around the inlet and outlet without cement and concrete caking at the end of work.
固定式混凝土搅拌机,应安装在的台座上。当长期使用时,应埋置地脚螺栓;如短期使用,可在机座下铺设枕木并找平放稳。 3对于移动式混凝土搅拌机,应安装在平坦坚硬的地坪上用方木或撑架架牢,并保持水平面轮胎不受力。如果使用时间三个月以上时,应将轮胎卸下妥善保管轮轴端部应做好清洁锈工作。
The fixed concrete mixer shall be installed on the pedestal of the. In case of long-term use, anchor bolts shall be embedded; For short-term use, sleepers can be paved under the base, leveled and placed stably. 3. The mobile concrete mixer shall be installed on a flat and hard floor, firmly supported with square timber or support, and the tire on the horizontal plane shall not be stressed. If it is used for more than three months, remove the tire and keep it properly. The end of the axle shall be cleaned.
For some mixers that need to dig a hopper pit, the pit mouth shall be padded and compacted, and the ground water flows into the pit. The bottom bearing surface of the loading track frame shall be compacted or paved with bricks, and the back of the frame shall also be supported with wood, so the track will be deformed during operation.
After the concrete mixer is started, the mixing drum shall reach the normal speed before feeding, and water shall be added in time after feeding; Adding new materials can be carried out only after the original concrete in the mixer is unloaded. Do not stop halfway or start the mixer at full load, except for reverse discharge.
During the use of the concrete mixer, do not let the sand fall into the running part of the machine, so as to avoid jamming and damage to the running parts. After loading the hopper, no one can pass or stay under the hopper to avoid accidents of the brake. When overhauling or cleaning under the bucket, forcibly stop the machine and fasten the upper hopper with a safety chain.
During the operation of the mixer, if it is found that the failure cannot continue to operate, the power supply shall be cut off, the concrete in the mixing drum shall be cleaned, and then the maintenance shall be carried out.
After operation, the mixer shall be cleaned. If the operator needs to enter the barrel for cleaning, cut off the power supply, assign a special person to monitor outside, or remove the fuse and lock the switch box before entering.
The handle of the hopper on the mixer shall be fixed with a pin to prevent people from touching the handle and squeezing the hopper when entering the Jane for cleaning.
After operation, the mixer hopper shall be lowered to the hopper pit. If it needs to be raised, it shall be fastened with a chain
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