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1、 Conduct safety checks before using the vehicle
1. Carefully check whether all components of the self feeding mixer truck are normal
Take safety measures to prevent the automatic loading concrete mixer truck from damaging on the road. Concrete needs to be stirred continuously to prevent solidification. If a malfunction causes the mixing tank to stop rotating, it is easy to cause tank blockage. Generally, the tank cannot be stopped for more than 2 hours, and concrete with a C40 level or higher cannot be stopped.
Before starting the self feeding mixer truck, it is necessary to check whether the materials such as engine oil, lubricating oil, and cooling water are sufficient and add them in a timely manner. After the car starts, rotate the tank at low speed and test the tire pressure around the car to prevent any air leaks. Use tools to remove debris such as stones stuck in the tires.
Secondly, check whether the lighting is normal, and make sure to illuminate the edge of the tire to prevent it from being cut by the steel bars and debris piled up on the construction site. Clean the rearview mirror and window glass, and the driver maintains a clear and open view to cope with the complex working conditions of the construction site.
2. Prepare sufficient water and water reducing agent
Water can cope with situations where concrete materials are dry and cannot be unloaded, and the same applies to water reducing agents to prevent tank tightness.
3. Ensure that the mixing tank is stationary when starting the mixer truck
When the engine starts, if the jar is in a high-speed rotating state, the instantaneous force will be very large, which is easy to cause wear on the gearbox and reduce its service life.
2、 Drive slowly
1. Be slow when turning
The center of gravity of the self feeding mixer truck is high, and high-speed driving is prone to accidents. Slow down and downshift before entering the corner, and try not to apply the brake when turning. Always pay attention to whether the mixing tank is rotating, and try to slow down the speed as much as possible. If the speed is too high, the vehicle will sway and roll over.
The automatic loading concrete mixer truck needs to stop the tank on sections with large inclination angles. When fully loaded, walking to a section with a large inclination angle and stopping the rotation of the tank can make the vehicle travel more smoothly.
2. Bad road, please pass in low gear
When encountering uneven road surfaces or potholes, use a suitable low-speed gear to pass through, ensuring that the car has explosive power at any time. Be careful to avoid debris.
3. Advance downshifting on uphill
Start smoothly, do not downshift randomly, downshift early, and maintain sufficient power of the vehicle.
4. No neutral sliding when going downhill
Be accustomed to testing the brakes before driving for a long time or downhill. It is prohibited for the mixer truck to slide downhill in neutral. Low gear engines should be used to slow down. If there are bends in the downhill section, it is necessary to slow down in advance and then downshift before decelerating. The braking effect with gear is good.
5. Be sure to pay attention to the height limit
Plan the route in advance before transportation, pay attention to height restrictions, and be careful of the complex road conditions on the construction site. Be careful of trees and prevent scratching the cables.
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